Three lab assistant positions available in Isotopic Silk Road Project

September 27, 2015

Be part of the Isotopic Silk Road project that is underway with the Initiative for the Science of the Human Past at the Departments of Human Evolutionary Biology and History (Profs. Tuross and McCormick) at Harvard University.  Up to ten hours/week are needed for up to three students.  The main tasks are sample weighing, data analysis and graph production.  Contact us for this unique opportunity.

$15/hour, available immediately

Contact Professor Noreen Tuross (

Annals of Climate

April 21, 2014

Suppose you want to track climate over the past century. That’s easy enough to accomplish with existing records — but what if you want to go back 500 years? What about 1,000 years? What if you want to go back even further?

That’s where Harvard historian Michael McCormick comes in.