MHAAM PhD Fellowship Opportunity

Max Planck - Harvard Research Center for the Archaeoscience of the Ancient Mediterranean (MHAAM) is expecting to offer up to three 5-year fully-funded PhD fellowships for study and research on the science of the human past. PhD degrees have been or will be awarded through Harvard University, notably in the following departments:

· The Archaeology Program within the Anthropology Department

· History

· Human Evolutionary Biology

· Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

· Additional Departments Forthcoming


Candidates for the Fellowship will apply for admission to one of these Harvard University PhD Programs to be considered eligible for this full funding opportunity through the Max Planck-Harvard collaboration. Applicants must specify their interest in the MHAAM Fellowship Program at the top of the application, and must additionally send a copy of the application to, or via mail to:

Lisa Ransom Lubarr

Harvard University

Robinson Hall M-03

35 Quincy Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


Inquiries can be sent to: